Selected Programs (30-60 minutes)
(Stored at the "Voice of Israel" Tape Archives in Jerusalem - Ha-Sirtiya)

Story of an Artist - 24 programs
The series deals with the creative process in various arts through personal encounters with the artists.

Writers: Amos Oz, Aaron Apelfeld, Moshe Shamir, Amalia Cahana-Carmon
Poets: A. Shlonski, Yehuda Amichai, Dalia Rabikowitch, Manfred Vinkler
Composers: Mordechai Setter, Ben-Zion Orgad, Yeheskel Brown, Ram Da'oz
Sculptors: Itzhak Danziger, Yigal Tomarkin, Danny Caravan
Painters: Yosef Zaritsky, Ariyeh Aroch, Ariyeh Navon
Theater Actors-Directors: Shraga Friedman, Yosef Milo, Peter Fry, Israel Eliraz
Thinkers: Yosef Schechter, Moshe Zilber


Narrators in Israel - 6 programs
Major themes in the works of three Israeli writers - S. Izhar, A. B. Yehoshua, Yehuda Amichai - radiophonically introduced through readings of selected fragments of their works with immediate reactions of the authors.

Franz Kafka - 2 programs
Main themes in Kafka's literary works and diaries radiophonically presented through selected fragments, read and performed by Habimah Theater actor Shraga Friedman. People who knew Kafka closely - Max Brod, Felix Welch and Hugo Bergman - comment on themes and motifs in the selected fragments, pointing to their real life origins.

Ash Wednesday (T. S. Eliot)
A Dominican monk, brother Marcel Dubois, a Jewish philosopher, Eli Shweid and a young Israeli woman, Deborah Dimant - discussing their attempts to come to terms with faith in reaction to Eliot's poem Ash Wednesday. A full transcript of the program has been published in the periodical Sdemot, number 26.

In the Middle of the Road
A mid-life evaluation of achievements and future projects by people in their forties and fifties, observing their lives from a detached point of view in a attempt to generalize and define the purpose of their lives.

Yours Forever
The clash between the tendency to be faithful to a single lover and the inclination to have diverse, open and non-committal relationships, "free love", with various partners. Introduced exclusively through confessional interviews with men and women in their twenties.

In a Retirement Home
People at the terminal station of their lives look at their past from a detached point of view, trying to understand and evaluate the purpose of living.

Story of a Family - 6 programs
Authentic immigration stories revealing new-comers' traumatic reactions to their encounter with the Israeli condition. Events exclusively told through autentic voices of family members from their points of view with speech idiosyncrasies of the original tellers.

Citizen - Israel - 1968
The gap between the euphoric and pathetic attitudes of the leaders following Israel's victory in The Six Days War and the suffering of individual citizens through long duration recruitment as reservists in The War of Attrition. Superfluous, conceit motivated military activities glorifying the names of the leaders at the expense of the lives of anonymous victimized citizen. Oppression of the individual and his values in the name of nationalistic ideology and collectivist myths.

My Twenty Four Hours
Survivors of Nazi atrocities tell of the most crucial twenty four hours in their ordeal.

Childhood in the Holocaust
Survivors of Nazi atrocities tell their personal anguish and their struggle for survival as children during World War 2.

The Caravan to Yehiam
Documentary account of a military action in the Israeli War of Independence. A caravan of vehicles trying to carry supplies to a besieged Kibbutz in Galilee, is attacked and massacred by thousands of Arab villagers. The story is told exclusively through the voices of the survivors.

To the Moon (radio play)
Man's dreams, fantasies and myths about the moon and travel to the moon throughout recorded history dramatically enacted.

Fire Worship (radio play)
Dramatic enactment of anthropological myths and ceremonies of fire worship on the shortest day of the year as revealed through folklore stories in diverse cultures, including their remnant in Hanukkah and Christmas.

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