Yaffa Calev

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Notion initiated in Yaffa Calev's Ph.D. dissertation on

"Postmodernism in the Cinema of Woody Allen"


According to Bakhtin, a virtual dialogue takes place in the human mind between real people and fictional characters, between real people and mythical figures and between fictional characters and their author. This abstract notion is fleshed out in cinema through dramatic action achieved in a variety of audio-visual devices.


The notion “realization of dialogism” was initiated to describe the mimetic and cinematic realization of the abstract dialogistic principle of Bakhtin, as a parallel to the notion of "realization of metaphor", coined by the Russian formalists. It is a major feature in post-modernistic aesthetics.


“Realization of Dialogism” expresses the feeling of cultural openness to the multiplicity of possible polyphonic encounters between people from various chronotops, beyond time and place, across cultural and ethnic differences, including encounters between reality and fiction. It is a cinematic enactment of Bakhtin's virtual dialogue, taking place in the human mind.


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